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Bentley / Rolls-Royce Piston Clock **British Classic Edition**


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Engine Table UK makes high quality?furniture and accessories , proudly handmade in West Yorkshire using car parts, with different kind of finishes, styles and features.

Rolls-Royce Piston Clock **British Classic Edition**

Made for you from a non-running or damaged Rolls-Royce?engine,?the piston and rod clock?also named “Piston Clock” is the perfect gift for any petrol head. Used as a desk clock, this product will fit perfectly in?your home or in your office. The Classic British Quartz movement clock is of the best quality on the market. When it’s delivered to you, a battery supplied and already fitted. Remove the battery saver pin, adjust the time and press the button to activate your clock.

Due to the recycled and handmade nature of this item, each is unique and will?vary.

We offer?worldwide delivery and we are always happy to help if you have any inquiries. You can also contact us directly if you want a custom built item.


Rolls-Royce Piston Clock

British Classic Clock

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Black, Blue, Chrome, Red, Silver, White

Clock Insert

British Classic


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