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Terms and Conditions of Sale

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Price & Delivery 
We aren’t VAT Registered. Therefore, we do not charge VAT. The delivery charge and dispatch time depends on products. Please note that shipping costs include packaging material costs, insurance and any other related fees from your order. If the actual shipping cost is less than stated, a refund of the difference will be given.

Payment can be made with PayPal or Stripe (Credit Card) which are secure, encrypted payment methods.

You are aware that the company (Engine Table UK) is selling unique handmade products,which means that you may not be able to get two exact similar item even by ordering the same products. Also, you are aware that we are using recycled material to create our products. So, you can not expect to receive a new or perfect product. However, Engine Table UK will do the best to deliver you the best quality possible.

Please note that all capacities and dimensions are approximate due to the individual nature of our products.

Goods can be returned to the Company (at the buyer costs) within 14 days providing they are returned in their original condition and packaging if and only if the product is not as described when purchased. When returning goods please ensure the delivery method is secure. Product is under the buyer’s responsibility until it get back to the Company’s premises. Providing goods are returned in their original condition and packaging within 14 days, the Company will refund the value of the goods less delivery costs. Delivery costs include the cost of packaging delivering the goods to the buyer and may also include additional costs as Paypal transaction fees, shipping insurance …